TotalIRC in the past used to be its own IRC network and used to host its own free BNC service.
in 2011 this changed, we merged with a network named AthemeNet, due to we have the same visions, ideology, to combine resources and to bring our client bases closer together.

Today TotalIRC is serving as a BNC hosting service in order to give you the quality of a premium service for free.
There are of course conditions that must be met in order for you to use this service, but in return you will find that it helps you in the long run.

When choosing a hosting provider for your BNC you need to take into concideration about security, this is something we take very seriously at TotalIRC.
Only one person has shell access to the BNC's and everything is controlled with a custom built interface.
Passwords are encrypted using one-way sha256 hashing and a salt
Staff is carefully chosen and will never ask you for your password and nobody has the ability to retrieve it, only to reset it to a random generated password sent directly to your email address.

You will automatically be redirected to use SSL on this website, this is to ensure your security.

The financing of this website is provided by advertising,donations and the premium accounts planned in the future.

We are running this service primary to help bring new people to our humble IRC network.