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Its been some years since this service has last run, and I (PinkMusen) has personally spent alot of time to reboot this service.
I noticed a lot of problems in the past with this service, people tried to abuse things, so i needed to close the project down.
Later on i lost all the data we used to have, but due to the fact that it had problems in the code, so i guess it was all good, since it gives me a chance to redesign everything.

Currently the backend is functioning and the beginning of the site is coded. but only the html/php part is coded javascript is currently on hold until all the regular stuff is coded.

This project should be finished in not long, but i will not make a time frame, it will just take the time it takes.
Until i state otherwise, i'd recommend not registering a user on this site, since it will most likely just be deleted anyway.
news_imageWritten by: PinkMusen
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