Issues with alpha

Lately there has been issues with the server, currently the cause is unknown, but it is due to the SBNC daemon crashing.
I have been trying a few things here and there to see if i can solve the problem, currently it is unknown if the issue is fixed, but if it is not, i will continue to work on fixing things.
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news_imageWritten by: PinkMusen

Updated software and progress

Even though the service is yet to be opened it's best to keep the services updated to the latest versions. So now ShroudBNC is updated to 1.3.9
SSL has also been upgraded due to the recent openssl security issues and heartbleed.

Progress on the website is going ok, a bit slower than planned, but i have been researching different projects at the same time.
For those that prefer ZNC i am afraid to point out that at the current time it is incompatible with this website suite. But ShroudBNC has all the features you should expect from a BNC.

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news_imageWritten by: PinkMusen

TotalIRC BNC website

Its been some years since this service has last run, and I (PinkMusen) has personally spent alot of time to reboot this service.
I noticed a lot of problems in the past with this service, people tried to abuse things, so i needed to close the project down.
Later on i lost all the data we used to have, but due to the fact that it had problems in the code, so i guess it was all good, since it gives me a chance to redesign everything.

Currently the backend is functioning and the beginning of the site is coded. but only the html/php part is coded javascript is currently on hold until all the regular stuff is coded.

This project should be finished in not long, but i will not make a time frame, it will just take the time it takes.
Until i state otherwise, i'd recommend not registering a user on this site, since it will most likely just be deleted anyway.
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news_imageWritten by: PinkMusen